Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Guitar, A Rotary Phone and a Delicious Good Time!

Check out this spread from The Best of Weight Watchers Magazine 1974.

Can someone please help me understand what is going on here? Has this feast been prepared for some twisted tweener party? Or perhaps it is a potluck dinner gone horribly wrong?

Let's take a closer look...

First we have the Apple and Franks Karachi--baked apples stuffed with diced frankfurter and sprinkled with curry powder. Exotic!
Bet you can't eat just one!

Next up is Teentimers Tuna--these tuna roll-ups are combined with.. what else.. pimentos and dehydrated onion flakes! Better hurry up and grab one, because these babies won't last!

Finally--behold the Buttermilk Berserk! This monster gelatine mold is made from 1 quart of buttermilk, lemon juice, allspice, and of course - lots of bright yellow food coloring. Aren't you just dying to try a nice big chunk of this dietetic disaster?

Grab a plate and dig in! Or grab a guitar and start playing! Or someone please grab that teal phone and call 9-1-1!

I wonder why things started getting really scary in 1974? Is it possible that the Weight Watchers recipe developers were getting just a wee bit bored and had become way too creative?
I mean, there's only so much you can do with tuna, pimentos, Knox gelatine and celery on a daily basis.

Don't worry folks, I'll be heading back to the safety and comfort of 1972 for my Easter Feast!
Stay tuned...


Leanne said...

Didn't you know that everyone in 1974 played the guitar? All those hipsters wish they ate that lovely yellow gelatin concoction. What ingenious, I am just mad I didn't think of it first!

Lidian said...

And what of the Sleek Pizza, named but unseen in the top photo? I'll bet that was pretty fab.

This is one scary array of party food, I must say - all with that curious Harvest Gold 70s tint to it.

Those magazines sound like SO much fun :)

Linda said...

Seriously? Apples stuffed with hot dogs? (I just threw up in my mouth a little!)
My favorite part of the whole picture was the phone.
I'll take one of those, please! So I can call someone to get me the heck outta there!

Losing Weight After 45 is a Bitch said...

Funkydelic Man. I'm sorry, but I don't see how anyone could lose weight on this plan.

Ally said...

OK I think I would maybe like those tuna roll ups sans pimentos and as long as they're not HOT TUNA. I'm so not a fan of that.

OK, those baked apples - I've actually had them stuffed with turkey sausage (it's a Rachel Ray recipe) and they weren't bad!

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Averyl Hill, M.S. said...

I have that EXACT phone!