Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Best. Day. Ever.

Look what I got today!!!

That's right...6 vintage issues of Weight Watchers Magazine circa 1971-1973. These little treasures are complete with hundreds of "legal" recipes in full color, great retro weight loss articles, an advice column by Jean Nidetch and many, many awesome weight loss product ads. I can barely contain myself.

My Retro WW world just got a little more colorful. Beware.


JewliaGoulia said...

Whoa, this is really awesome!

I do a lot of vintage/antique shopping. If I find some more mags like this, I'll pick them up for you!



Leanne said...

I love that they actually put "legal" on the front of the magazine. Have fun with those, they seem...well...interesting. You should get some great recipes in there to work with, hopefully some of them are edible. Great job on the experiment, I really love reading your blog.

Helen said...

I know you're just dying to try those "52 Fabulous Legal Recipes!"

heidi said...

that's pretty damn dandy!!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Wow, those are pretty fabulous! A far cry from todays magazines and for some reason they look familiar I must have seen them someplace but I can't place them. its going to drive me nuts now


Averyl Hill, M.S. said...

Great find!