Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Random Pre-Thanksgiving Thoughts

What does a Retro WW gal do when she doesn't have time to wait for her Jell-o to gel?

Let me tell you. There aren't many food options for the busy working gal who is on the go, and still wants to live the Retro WW way of life. I should know. Lately I have been so busy with work, life, the impending Holidays and other random projects, I can barely remember my own name -- let alone find the time to cook up elaborate dietetic dishes and write about them.

So really. What's a girl to do?

One Retro WW trick I learned from my mom is to slap a bunch of mustard on some tuna and gun it down straight from the can like a Rockstar. I'll admit, this one is not my favorite. It also stinks like a mo-fo.

Another quick meal is the Pineapple Cheese Salad. This one's pretty self explanatory. Salad greens, pineapple rings and cottage cheese - topped with some cinnamon to make me feel less sad about the situation. Oh - and a slice of toast is permitted with it too!

I can tell you are drooling.

By the way -  we Retro WW gals also munch on carrots and celery til the cows come home. It keeps us from stabbing someone.

And when it gets really bad, you might just see me eating some button mushrooms or string beans with my fingers while sitting in my car on the side of the road. If this happens, just drive by. There's nothing you can do at that point.

Being a busy working gal does have its advantages, though -- Like getting opportunities to meet cool and interesting people. In fact, one of the reasons I have been so busy recently is because I had the honor to do some freelance work for one of my food & diet heroes! And I can't wait to tell you all about it in my next post! Can you guess who it was?????


Here's a hint...

Here's another hint...

Just kidding. That second photo has nothing to do with anything. I just felt like posting a random picture of Jean Nidetch being grabbed by Dom DeLuise on Merv Griffin's couch. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT? You're welcome.

Anyway, you will all have to wait until after the holiday to hear about my latest spectacular foodie adventure, but until then, here is a word of advice from Jean Nidetch straight from Page 137 of the Weight Watchers Program Cookbook, 1966...

I love her hair.
Enjoy your turkey! Kick back and relax! Have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And the Wiener Is...

With a whopping 57% of the vote...

The Wiener the World Awaited

Was there ever any doubt?

You voted. You now have to live with the consequences.


As if this dish needed any more attention showered upon it, Frankfurter Spectacular has won your vote for the most popular Retro Weight Watchers Recipe of ALL TIME. For Pete's Sake - It is like Madonna, Cher and Liza all wrapped up in one. What a diva.

To view the original post where I prepared, ate and basked in the glory of this dish - please click here.

All I am left wondering is - who is the one singular person who voted for the Chilled Celery Log?

You are my hero.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Get Out The Retro WW Vote!

In case you hadn't heard, there is an election going on this week here in the good ol' US of A. That's right. On Tuesday we all get to go out to the polls and vote!

I happen to LOVE voting. It makes me feel super important.

So in the spirit of democracy, we are holding our own election over here at the Retro WW Experiment!

Ladies and Gentlemen...get ready, because now is your chance to vote for your favorite Retro WW Recipe of ALL TIME!

I have selected the 5 top candidates, and YOU get to choose the winner. Voting starts NOW and closes on Friday November 9th at midnight. The recipe that receives the most votes will be announced and shared with the world shortly thereafter. I will even write a very special post to commemorate the occasion.

NOTE: There is really no point to all of this. But it's sorta fun, dontcha think?

Anyway - cast your vote! Vote early! Vote often! Let's get all political up in here! May the best dish win!

Here are your candidates:

Fishy, Freaky and Fun

A Solid Salad, Baby

The Name Says it All

Gelatin Power!

Strong, Sturdy and Strange

My fellow Retro Weight Watcher fanatics - it is your duty to vote in this election. All of my future gelatin molds and diet dishes depend on you. Do the right thing. Make your voices heard!

Use the voting button at the top right hand corner of the blog, and vote as often as you want. Check back for updates often! Also--Be sure to follow all of the exciting election results on Twitter using #RetroWWElection.

Thank you. May Jean Nidetch Bless You. And may Jean Nidetch Bless The Retro Weight Watchers Experiment of  the Internet.