Why On Earth Are You Doing This?
It all started with one cookbook... Once upon a time, a friend gave me a copy of the "1972 Weight Watchers Revised Program Cookbook" (WWRPC). Coincidentally, 1972 was also the year my mom joined WW and lost a great deal of weight after I was born. I became fascinated by this book, and I started wondering what it would be like to follow the same plan that Jean Nidetch and my mom followed almost 40 years ago. The rest is history. Please read my first post which goes into much greater detail about the reasons and rules behind this wacky Retro WW blogging adventure.

Where Do You Find These Crazy Recipes?
My Retro WW collection is made up of countless cookbooks, magazines, recipe cards, and assorted ephemera that have been passed along to me from friends and family. Some have been purchased at flea markets, and some have been found on eBay. 

Do You Really Eat The Stuff You Make?
Yes. I can't say I gobble up every single morsel, but I have masticated and ingested some portion of every Retro WW dish that I have made during this experiment.

What Is Your All-Time Favorite Retro WW Recipe?
I would have to say that it is a tie between the Chilled Celery Log and the Crown Roast of Frankfurter. These were my two proudest moments in Retro WW history. I also remember every gelatin mold I have ever created. They shall all live in my heart forever.

I'm Looking For An Old WW Recipe That My Mom/Grandma Used To Make/Eat. Do You Have It? Can You Send It To Me?
Yes, I have it. No, I can't send it to you. Sorry.

Do You Work For Weight Watchers? 
That's a very good question.

Why Are You So Obsessed With Weight Watchers and Jean Nidetch?
Why not?? Weight Watchers changed my life 12 years ago when I lost 40 pounds and became a lifetime member. At that point in my life, I was like a runaway train headed for disaster in many ways. I was an out of control emotional eater -- rapidly gaining weight and losing all of my self-confidence. Weight Watchers not only taught me how to lose weight and get healthy - but also how to regain control of my life. Every day, I try to carry on the unrelenting "can-do" spirit of Jean Nidetch that is central to the mission of Weight Watchers. I can do anything! 

Does Jean Nidetch Know About Your Blog?
I hope so.

How Long Will You Keep This Up?
Until I run out of recipes.

Do You Take Requests?
Of Course! Send me an email, and if I have the recipe, I'll be glad to give it a whirl! I am also open to guest posts anytime!

How Much Weight Have You Lost Since Following the Retro WW Plan? 
Well. I haven't gained any.