Monday, March 22, 2010

Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream...

Any armchair psychoanalysts out there?

What could this depiction of last nights' dream possibly mean? Is 1970's feminist icon Bea Arthur trying to tell me something? Have I been following this Retro Diet too long? Perhaps it has just been too long since I have indulged in my favorite food? Could it be that a pizza close encounter of the third kind is going to occur in my not-too-distant future? Please help!

Want more Bea Arthur, Mountains & Pizza? Go here now. I have to thank one of my favorite WW buddies for turning me on to this groovy website. And yes--I do check it daily for updates.

1 comment:

KKSC2NC said...

OK...I may need help also. That picture just cracked me slap up!