Sunday, March 21, 2010

What the Blank?

Below, I have re-posted 10 "Rules" of the 1972 WW Program (from a previous post). Eight of them are actual rules and two of them are totally fabricated by me, and have absolutely no validity. Before revealing the answers, I wanted to put these out there one more time--just in case you missed it.

Can you spot the phony WW rules? (Insert cheesy 1970's game show music here.)

  1. You may have bread at meal-time only
  2. Sardines are strictly prohibited
  3. You must eat liver exactly once per week
  4. No more than 6 ounces of coffee per day may be consumed
  5. You may eat frog's legs 5 times per week, if desired
  6. A banana can only be eaten one time per week
  7. Eggs may NEVER be eaten for dinner
  8. Mustard is permitted in unlimited amounts
  9. Mayonnaise, oil or margarine must always be spread with a knife or spatula -- never brushed on
  10. A cup of bouillon must be consumed before every meal

BONUS ROUND: Who can tell me the name of the famous game show personality pictured here? HINT: He was best friends with Jean Nidetch. (True story.)


Roxanne said...

I LOVE the background! It's so groovy.

I was in 2nd grade in 1972. I LIVED this era LOL!

I'm signing up as a follower and I'm going to peruse your experience.

Thanks for checking out my 1958 version of weigh loss!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Thanks for your visit! I'm now following you too...but I don't think skinny jeans are in my future! He He! Enjoying your blog! Coralie

heidi said...

mr. charles nelson riley, correct? i dig his, um, masculinity...

you must eat liver...

Mara said...

Match Game's own Charles Nelson Riley--I think he might have been the original Big Fig Newton too but I may have dreamed that.

I'm guessing the Mimi-isms are the frog legs and coffee. I bet those chickies drank a lot of coffee.