Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Up to My Spanx in Tuna!

As I continue with this experiment, it is inevitable that I must address the issue of the 5-Fish rule. If I want to do this right, I must try to eat a minimum of 5 weekly fish meals.

Jean Nidetch says...
"You need never be bored with fish!"

Considering she lists over 50 species of fish in the 1972 WW Revised Program Cookbook and many "interesting" ways to prepare it, you would almost have to agree with this statement.
But allow me to provide a few examples of the recipe titles:
  • Pink Lady Fish Salad;
  • Tuna, Tomato and Zucchini Mold;
  • Fish Stuffed Potato Boats;
  • Salmon Buttermilk Loaf
I'm not gonna lie to you. These recipes scare me just a little.

No wonder my mom used to eat her tuna straight from the can just to get her 5 servings in!

I have been told by a few Retro WW enthusiasts that a little mustard helps the tuna go down a bit easier. (Mustard is a legal condiment!)

Any other ideas? Pretty please?


Dana ( said...

Check out this recipe I posted on my blog. Not sure if it fits your points but you could always adjust it.

Mimi said...

Hey that sounds yummy! Cream Cheese is "illegal" on the retro WW plan, but there is a recipe for a "fake cream cheese" using all legal ingredients. Perhaps I'll give it a try! Thanks so much!