Thursday, March 11, 2010

Frankenstein Foods

I often wonder what it would have been like to have Jean Nidetch as my WW Leader. She did not mince words and she did not let anyone get away with excuses in her meetings. Her philosophy was that sometimes you have to be "cruel to be kind". But her members loved her. I mean, look how happy this lady is. And what exactly is Jean feeding her???

Anyway, I remember an excerpt from her autobiography where she describes a man who came to one of her meetings and said he loved to eat donuts almost uncontrollably. Jean told him that he would have to completely give up donuts, and he became very upset. Of course, in modern day WW, a leader would never tell us we had to give up any food completely. But Jean was a tough cookie, and the program was very different back then. Anyway, this guy ended up losing a lot of weight, and when he reached his goal, Jean asked him if he was going to celebrate by treating himself to a donut.

His answer was no. The donut had now become a symbol of his old self, and he did not want to re-visit that.

Whoa. Far out, man

Jean calls those foods "Frankenstein Foods". They are not just foods we enjoy, or foods we crave, but foods we completely lose control of ourselves around and that bring out the "monster" in us.

My "Frankenstein Food" is the potato chip. I can only describe my relationship with the chip as toxic and addictive. If there is an open bag of potato chips near me, I will eat until I make myself sick. This is a proven fact, and it is something that I cannot control.

I have tried to substitute baked chips, reduced-fat chips, fat-free chips--the same result always occurs. I end up with an empty bag and a panic attack. Small bags don't cut it. It just makes me want more. Remember that old commercial from the '70's-- "betcha can't eat just one?" Yea--I lost a lot of bets on that one.

So the hard lesson I have had to learn is: Jean was right. Some foods are Frankenstein and they must be destroyed. As hard as that might be to accept.

What food brings out the "monster" in you?


Weighting Around said...

I'm enjoying your blog, Mimi. Ice cream brings out the Frankenstein in me. Of course Ben & Jerry's and Hagen Daz are out of the question these days but I can even abuse Weight Watcher's ice cream! If it's cold, creamy(ish) and has chocolate in it - watch out. That's why I no longer have any ice cream in my freezer. I just can't be trusted.

Vonlipi said...

Oh Boy,Oh boy! Salami does it for me...and crackers, any kind! I can't stop myself....I threw them all away before the big D.

Christy said...

Pizza! Oh my gosh. When I'm with friends and they order it I always think "I'll just have one piece, I'll stay within my calories, it will be fine." Three slices and a guilty conscience later....

I know how you feel!

Jules said...

Potato chips too. Sometimes I think think I will go crazy if I don't have something crunchy and salty to eat... you can keep your chocolate and the like. I mean, I love it, but it doesn't make me lose all power of rational thought, like chips do. I really like the images that "Frankenstein Foods" is conjuring up in my head, and I actually think this is going to help in passing those evil potato chips up.

Lidian said...

Oh well, don't get me started! Things in little pieces: potato chips, M&Ms, chocolate mints, wafer cookies.

I also like buttered toast and toasted bagels.

These are not on my Healthy Eating Regime, of course ;)

Darrin.. said...

Hmmm... Donuts were a vice for me, but I now live in a town where there are no good Doughnut shops. (Thank Gaaawd)

So I guess my current food that brings out the beast is Hamburgers. Even if I'm driving down the road and have absolutely no feelings of hunger.. I have to fight pulling into a McDonald's or Carl's Jr.

I'm making strides on cutting back, but it's pretty hard. Burgers to me.. are like how most women feel about chocolate.

Jana said...

My husband has to make the bacon at our house. Since there's only two of us, I always plan to save most of the bacon for potato soup and whatnot.

But only so many slices fit in the pan. And then while you are frying up the 2nd batch, the crispy delicious things are just... there.

I have eaten 1/2 lb. of bacon all by myself, without even knowing.