Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thanks, But No Thanks Thursday - International!

This week's TBNT Thursday Recipe is an exotic Filipino Feast from the August 1973 issue of Weight Watchers Magazine. It was featured as part of the centerfold with an entire Filipino Cooking spread. Actually, most of the dishes looked quite appealing to me, but one of them definitely stood out from the rest, because it had that special TBNT quality.

Try not to be confused by the overly complicated and unusual international name if this dish:

Fish with Scallions

Is it just me, or does anyone else think this particular fish looks like it was picked out of someone's garbage, covered with some chopped scallions, lemons and soy sauce and then slapped onto a platter?

Thanks, but No Thanks!


Helen said...

Must be the soy sauce that makes it "International."

heidi said...

ew ew ew ew ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Linda said...

I like to eat fish but I just can't handle whole fish. Won't cook them and won't eat them. I don't like my food looking at me!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

YUCK! Who would even dream this one up?!
Yes, I do think we have a lot in common! Why would we stand on the sidelines?!!!!
Have a pretty night!

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

Ummm...gross. I think the lips and eye are creeping me out a little bit.

Vonlipi said...

It's definitely the eyes we find yucky!

We are not used to things with heads in our plates. Too much wiener and processed cheese...