Monday, June 7, 2010

Almost A Snicker

The thing I love most about Weight Watchers members is our resourcefulness and creativity. When we want to eat something, and it is not "diet-friendly", we will ALWAYS find a way to reinvent it in a lighter way. With a very MacGyver-like approach, we will find a solution to almost any eating dilemma using practical and inventive ingredients.

Take, for example, the Retro WW Recipes I recently acquired from an elderly friend at my Weight Watchers meeting. Right away, I could tell that these "rogue" recipes are not officially sanctioned by WW. Rather, they were surreptitiously created and then hand-typed on some sort of carbon paper by a few brave ladies trying to buck the system. I don't know what year these recipes came from, so I can't be certain if they are 1972 "Legal", but I still had to try one.

And I knew which one it had to be: The "Almost A Snicker" Bar.

Here are the exact ingredients & instructions as they appear on the recipe:

1/2 medium banana
3/4 ounce nugget-like cereal
1 pkg. chocolate flavored Alba
1 Tbsp. peanut butter
1 tsp. vanilla

Mix. Shape. Wrap in wax paper. Eat and enjoy!!

Due to the ambiguous nature of this recipe, I admit that I had to take some liberties, and I also made a few assumptions:
  1. I used Kix cereal, because that was the closest thing I had to "nugget-like";
  2. I used a WW Smoothie Mix, because I would've had to drive 20 miles to the closest grocery store that still sells Alba. Yea-I'm not ashamed to admit that I used the Alba locator on their company website;
  3. I assumed that all of the ingredients were supposed to go in the blender, since the instructions didn't specify. I also assumed I was supposed to put this thing in the freezer to harden it. I think I assumed correctly?
I expected this recipe to be a total flop. I really did. But can I tell you something? It was YUMMY! And filling, too. I double dare you to try it!

So this was what those brilliant, old school WW ladies came up with - because they didn't have a healthy alternative to candy bars back in the day. This was obviously long before the birth of the high-fiber/high protein cereal bar - the likes of Kashi, Special K and Fiber One.

Almost a Snicker? If it didn't look like something I scooped out of my cat's litterbox this morning, it would be almost perfect, baby!


Anonymous said...

I have to say I MAY have to try this this week!

heidi said...

my cat must love those. she hacked one up last week ;)

TJ said...

haha...kitty poop.


Bringing Pretty Back said...

It does look awful! hahha! But I think I need to give it a whirl! Your posts always crack me up!
Have a pretty day!

Helen said...

I think it would taste better if you used peanut butter flavored Captain Crunch. Just saying.

Ally said...

i remember whenever i was on ww, kix cereal was on my shopping list. this looks yummy. you are so right about all those crazy recipes to make something naughty into something good. how about those diet coke cupcakes (sorry to escape the 70s, just had to throw that out there!)

Leanne said...

If you cooked that for me, I'd eat it!

Mara said...

I used to make this all the time! I used Grape Nuts cereal though. And there might have been raisins in mine (the 80s, you know). Yeah, this thing looks awful but it's really gross and yummy and gets all over your fingers and face. :-0

Jana said...

Typewritten or hand-written recipes, pressed into your hand by old ladies, are usually trustworthy.