Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thanks, But No Thanks Thursday - An Old Friend Returns

For this weeks TBNT Thursday feature, I have decided to revisit a previous post. Just in case you missed it, I am re-posting one of my all-time favorite Retro WW dietetic disasters.

I was horrified by this recipe when I first laid eyes on it back in March, and I have continued to be horrified by this dish every day since. Sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat dreaming about it.

Without further delay. Here it is. Soak it in. Let its awesomeness wash over you.

Mackerel-Cantaloupe Salad

This recipe (from The Best of Weight Watchers Magazine, 1974) truly embodies all things Retro WW... fish balls nestled inside a cantaloupe topped with sliced gherkins and generously sprinkled with dehydrated onion flakes.

Here's the thing: All of the components of this dish served separately would be fine. A little mackerel, some cantaloupe, a few problem.

But, when you put them all together in one big scary salad? Thanks, but No Thanks!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

That's truly the worst thing I ever saw, and I've worked in
there ya go.



TJ said...

yeah, some things should not be mixed! lol

Anonymous said...

I love Thanks, but no thanks Thursday. You never know what you'll see here. It's fun!!!

Pam@GoRetro said...

My stars, that combination sounds dreadful! Such bizarre ingredient recipes in diet food from the 70s!

"Um, how about some nice prosciutto or cottage cheese with cantaloupe? Nah....that's too boring...let's create FISH balls."

pika23 said...

Maybe it's good? I like odd flavor combos. I'm tempted to try this out of sheer curiosity. And since i'm a food masochist...finding odd but tasty flavor combos that defy the very laws of science and sanity

Vonlipi said...

That is NASTY! How come I missed that one??? PUKE!