Saturday, April 17, 2010

Retro Lunch Munch

Are you ready for lunch? If you are following the 1972 Retro WW Plan, I know that by now your tummy is growling and you are ready to eat your chair, so let us begin.

I have to admit, lunch is the most difficult meal of the day for me when it comes to retro compliance. I am a very busy working gal, and it can be extremely hard to pull together a full-blown retro WW meal in the middle of my workday. But I try.

Full disclosure: There are many days I still resort to a Smart Ones frozen meal. *GASP*

But, in my defense, I feel like this is acceptable. WW has always been a proponent of the meal-in-a-plastic-tray. Remember these in the 70s?

Or this in the 80's??

Now, if you are playing along, here are the "rules" for lunch back in 1972:

Choice of :
  • Fish, Meat or Poultry, 4 oz. or
  • Soybean, 6oz. or
  • Cheese, 2 oz. hard or 2/3 cup cottage or
  • Eggs, 2
Bread, 1 slice
Vegetable, from group #3 (unlimited)
Vegetable, from group #4 (limited), 4 oz.

Some typical lunches might include:
  • Broiled Flounder, broccoli, bread, and artichoke heart cocktail
  • Pink Lady Salad, bread, Tab
  • Soybean Chili, celery strips, melba toast, tea
Since it is Saturday, I plan to make myself a leisurely, legal lunch today. I think I'll try some Tuna a la King and a Gazpacho Cocktail. Curious? Stop back later for a complete review. Oh--and wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Wow.Just-wow. I do remember the 80s products, especially because they were readily available at my Pathmark supermarket when I very first joined weight 1999. You are one brave woman!