Monday, June 2, 2014


"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back IN!"  - The Godfather Part III

I haven't posted anything on this blog since March. (Has anyone even noticed?) At the time, I kinda made a half-assed "grand-finale" post and then disappeared into obscurity for a while. To be honest, I basically just lost my blogging mojo.

But a few weeks ago, my friend Yinzerella sent out an email to my little circle of retro blogging pals (AKA The Jello Mafia) asking if anyone wanted to participate in a NEW Retro Blogging Challenge. This would be similar to the Knoxapocalypse or the Church Lady Cooking Challenge or the Vincent Price Cookalong. But this one would have a new theme: PIES. And it would be called PIEATHALON.

Hellz. Yeah.

So here I am. And not only will I be participating in the Cross-Blog Retro Pie-Baking Challenge on June 30th, but I have decided to devote the entire month of June to RETRO WW PIES!

So....Here's a quick walk down memory lane at some of the Retro WW Pies I have made over the years. (Click on the title above photo to visit the posts):

Totally Not Worth the Effort

A Day at the Ballpark

Almost but Not Quite

Quite Possibly the Worst Pie EVER Made

 But there are oh-so-many-other Pies to be had. And I shall begin my Pie Extravaganza later this week.

In the meantime--please do tell, what is YOUR favorite pie?


Poppy Crocker said...

I'm glad you're back!

I know it will sound awful, but my favorite pie is actually a chocolate tofu pie my mother-in-law makes. It tastes awesome because it is loaded with chocolate, sugar, and butter. The silken tofu just gives it a silky texture and lets us pretend it is not as bad for us as it clearly is.

S. S. said...

Lately, my favorite pie is pecan pie made from a pre-corn syrup recipe put in a graham cracker crust. It leaves me feeling inexplicably happy for hours when I've had some.

Sherrie Vineyard said...

Does homemade turkey pot pie count?

yinzerella said...

I am happy that you're back.
Pie for everyone!!!

Erica Retrochef said...

It's always worth coming back from a blogging break if there's PIE involved. Unless it's that Frankenpie.

My current favorite is sweet potato pie, and I'm making a lot of versions to try to get the "best" recipe. (Enjoying the process immensely, too...)