Sunday, May 5, 2013

Retro WW Hits the Big Time!

Hey guys! This month, Weight Watchers celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

And guess what? They released a kicky new cookbook to celebrate 50 years of eating like a Weight Watcher. The cookbook puts a modern twist on many of our favorite Retro WW classics, and even contains tons of history about the program and how the food plan has changed through the years.

No. They didn't ask for my input. Yes. That was a bummer.

But, the good news is -- I did get a chance to go on a local morning show here in Pittsburgh to talk about the new book and all things Retro Weight Watchers! I even got to show off some of my Vintage Pyrex and a few items from my Retro WW collection!

I know, RIGHT?!?

Check it out...

Now promise to meet me back here all throughout the month of May as we celebrate this momentous occasion! New recipes! Fun facts! Fifty is nifty!