Every recipe on this blog has been re-created from a Vintage Weight Watchers Cookbook or Magazine Circa 1970-1978. I try to stay true to the original recipes as printed, but I often take liberties since many ingredients from the 1970's are not readily available in today's marketplace. All credit for every recipe goes to Jean Nidetch - the founder of Weight Watchers and author of The 1972 Revised Weight Watchers Cookbook. Recipes are re-created as a tribute to the Retro WW program. I do not duplicate and distribute the recipes. Please do not ask. 

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The information and comments contained in this blog are intended for entertainment purposes only. I am not a nutritionist or medical professional and do not offer weight loss advice. I am just a wacky chick who is obsessed with retro cookbooks, healthy living, and fun food. Always consult with a physician before beginning any exercise or weight loss program - retro or otherwise. OK?

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