Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coming Out of Hibernation

If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably know that I have been incessantly complaining about the weather here in Pittsburgh for about 5 months now. Let me explain something: I despise Winter. Like it makes me evil and murderous. Couple that with the fact that my job forces me to spend a lot of time shlepping around outdoors, and the fact that this has been one of the worst Winters we have seen in ages. Well. Let's just say - Mimi has not been a happy person.

My basic attitude about everything in life has been...

"Ain't nobody got time for that. I'm too freaking cold!"

But this week, things are looking up. We even had a few days reach 80 degrees! I was ecstatic!

So I pulled out my Weight Watchers Magazine from Summer 1970 and found the perfect Warm Weather Delight!

This recipe combines two of my favorite ingredients: Knox Unflavored Gelatin and Nonfat Dry Milk. It also involves one of my favorite hobbies in the world: PUTTING THINGS IN MY BLENDER. Yahooo!

After ten minutes of spinning all of the ingredients with the Knox gelatin, a burning smell started coming from my blender, so I had to stop. But I was pleased to find that my Warm Weather Delight had really come together nicely. It was thick and smooth and creamy.

Like mayonnaise.


It kept GROWING and getting thicker by the minute.

 I have to admit -- It did taste pretty good, though. Full disclosure: Since I didn't have any black walnut extract on hand, I used almond extract instead. Which was good, because I love me some almond flavoring.

I am hoping the warm weather is here to stay. Although as I type this post, I am wrapped in my fleece blanket and wearing my fuzzy slippers. I hear the high temperature today in Pittsburgh is going to be 50 degrees.

Uh oh. Better stay off Twitter.