Sunday, January 2, 2011

To Jean, With Love - Part 2

Now that 2011 is in full swing, I find myself thinking about goals and aspirations.

The overarching goal of my 40th year was to fit into my skinny jeans. An admittedly vain and shallow goal - but quite an adventure, nonetheless. And one I accomplished in the eleventh hour, I should add.

But there was another goal. One that may have slipped by you if you weren't paying close attention.

This goal is a curious one.... One that I have blogged about before...

And one that I will continue to pursue into the new year and beyond.

Jean Nidetch, the founder of Weight Watchers and author of the 1972 Revised WW Program Cookbook, will turn 88 this year. I'm pretty sure she can still whip up a lean, mean gelatine mold, and I spent all of 2010 practicing this skill. If there were a Jean Nidetch fan club--I'd be the President, Secretary and Treasurer. Truth be told: I consider myself officially primed and ready for any Jean Nidetch encounter that may arise.

So Jean--if you're out there--feel free to shoot me a call, text or Tweet, and let's meet up for a good ol' 1972 WW Cook-Off. I'll bring the Knox. It'd be the cherry on top of my Retro WW Experiment!

Until then, I'll be waiting by the phone and polishing my copper molds.


Anonymous said...

I saw we start a "find Jean and have her contact Mimi" movement! She would LOVE your blog!! (well, I assume...don't know the woman personally.. :) )
Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

I actually found an old WW cookbook at a garage sale and almost bought it, until I looked at some of the recipes:

steamed whole fish with dill. No other seasoning, salt, pepper sauce!

And cottage cheese was predominate too!

Just found you through Roz' blog :D

Georgia said...

Just came across your blog - love the concept - brilliant!! Thanks :)

Melissa said...

My mom actually met Jean once years and years ago at a WW event. Mom made lifetime in 1971, so I'm sure she would definitely recognize most of the retro WW recipes here. LOL


Ally said...

I gotta say those white cat eye glasses are hot! Let us know if you hear from Jean :)