Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hump Day

Well, I've made it over the hump of Tuna Week, and I only have one thing to say.

Tuna sucks. But I'll eat it anyway.

This is what I am having for lunch today:

Lunch on a Raft

It's a slice of bread drizzled with lemon juice and then toasted. Then it is topped with an ounce of diced cheese mixed with 2 ounces of canned tuna and a dash of dry mustard. Pop it in the oven until "bubbly" and consume. The recipe said to top it with some watercress, but I didn't have any on hand. So I plopped some broccoli slaw on top and gobbled it down.

So what if it's only 9:00am and I already ate my lunch? Don't judge me. All I have eaten this week is celery, bread, tuna and shredded wheat.

That bag of broccoli slaw is looking pretty tasty right now.

See you tomorrow for a very special TBNT Tuna Thursday!


Helen said...

I can't even begin to figure out how that could ever become "bubbly."

Lidian said...

I am celebrating this week with you in spirit but not literally, since I am allergic to tuna. I adored tuna sandwiches as a child and ate them every single day for years, which is why I can't have any now, alas. And I can't wait for TBNT Now With Extra Tuna ;)