Friday, March 29, 2013


The year was 1982.

E.T. was phoning home. Olivia Newton-John was Getting Physical. I was lacing up my roller skates and scooting around in my fuzzy leg warmers.

And Weight Watchers re-released their infamous "Recipe Cards".

1982, baby!

The 1982 version of the recipe cards is not really much different than the original 1974 set. I suppose they just felt it was time for an update. You know - with it being a new decade and all.

Since I recently acquired a set of these "NEW" cards from my totally awesome WW pal, I thought I'd highlight some of the changes I noticed while comparing my two sets.

#1 - The Name Changes

When you grow up, sometimes you want a new identity. Like a new name or a fresh new look.

I get it. When I was a kid, everyone called me Mary-Margaret, and now I go by my shorter, more grown-up moniker: "Mimi".

So it doesn't surprise me that Weight Watchers kept many of the same recipes in the set exactly the same, but just changed the names to reflect a more mature, modern image. For example - "Fluffy Mackerel Pudding" is now simply called "Mackerel Pudding". I mean really. No one really wanted to think of mackerel being fluffy anyway, did they?

The Fluff is Gone

"Inspiration Soup" is now "Quick Vegetable Soup". Not nearly as groovy. And "Rosy Perfection Salad" is now "Sweet n' Sour Cabbage Mold". Yawn. "Fish Balls" are now "Gefilte Fish". Much more appropriate, actually.

Another update that caught my attention was the change from "Snappy Mackerel Casserole" to "Mackerel 'n' Cheese". That's just lame, but whatever.

But the name change that shocked me most of all was the switch from "Frankfurter Spectacular" to "Hawaiian Frankfurter Platter". What the hell?!? Frankly, I am outraged. In my mind, Frankfurter Spectacular shall always and forever remain: SPECTACULAR.


#2 - The New Kids

In 1982 there is pizza! Tofu! Manicotti! Pasta!

And apparently an emerging and very disturbing trend of serving fish on a platter with its head still attached. And dressing it up to look all pretty.

Something is Fishy About This

#3 - The Omissions

In 1982, we said good bye to the following dishes which no longer appear in the WW Recipe Set.

They are gone, but not forgotten...

Crown Roast of Frankfurter
Liver Pate En Masque -- in fact all liver dishes? Gone. Buh-Bye.
Melon Mousse
Jellied Tomato Refresher
Mexican-Orange Shrimp Salad

Oh, and with 1982 also came the demise of the quotation marks. No more Chocolate "Brownie" Dessert or Cherry "Pie". 

The beat goes on, I guess.

So now I suppose you are all wondering if the 1982 cards are just as freaky and fun as the 1974 version and if I will attempt any of the recipes here on the blog?

Well my friends. I have two words for you:


See that star in the top corner? That means it's GOOD.

Go ahead. Try and guess what is used to make the crust. I will have to leave you in suspense until next time...


affectionforfitness said...

Hi Mimi! Happy Easter! Geez, I guess I should make sure that my edible recipes have a stars on the corners of the cards, so I don't pick out the liver ones! :D

:-) Marion

veg-o-matic said...

Uhm, a tortilla? Crepe? Potholder?

What happened to the liver? Was the requirement out by 1984?

Ann said...

No matter how hard I try, it seems I will never get very far from an honorable mention of any sort of mackarel, fluffy or otherwise. Blahhha! Pizza bottom looks like egg. But that would be too appetizing. I think. Love this blog!

Georgia said...

All I can say is thank goodness I was in utero in 1982 and didn't have to suffer whatever "convenience fish" is.... Classic!

Shoes15 said...

I mourn the Frankfurter Spectaular. And I bet that pizza crust is a pita bread. Those were all the rage in the early 80s.

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Hi Mimi, I for one LIKE my mackerel fluffy!!! HA!!! Not so much...
Hope all is well in your retro world! said...

Cool pix

Bring Pretty Back said...

YOU KILL MEEEEE!!! You are hilarious!!!

daria said...

It's a pita, I bet. I first went on WW in 1985 and remember it was pita-heavy. Liver was still required once a week.