Monday, October 22, 2012


A few weeks ago (or maybe months - I lose track sometimes), I won a very special prize. The Caker Cooking Blog held a giveaway, and the grand prize was a signed copy of Caker Brian's best-selling book, Natural Order, as well as a Caker Recipe hand-picked by the author himself.

Here is a reenactment of my reaction when I found out I had won:

source: Reminisce Magazine

First, let me say that Brian's book is beautiful. It is touching and funny and real. Everyone should read it. No really. Go get it NOW.

The recipe that Brian picked for me, however, is another story altogether.

Ladies and Gentlemen.  The recipe I am talking about is the always ubiquitous PINK THING.

When I announced to the Twitter Universe that I would be making the Pink Thing, I received many responses. Some where intrigued. (What is it??)  Some where amused. (It sounds dirty!) Some even had their own versions (Pink Fluff, Pink Sh*t, etc.), but most just wanted to know why. God WHY?!?

Now, when I saw this recipe, I had two immediate thoughts.
  1. I would have to lighten it up. You know - Do it up WW Style.
  2. I would have to invite some friends over to share my Pink Thing. Because this recipe makes a crapload.
Typically, my Retro WW recipes only make one or two servings. So I was surprised to see this recipe served eight! I had no other choice than to call up some friends and tell them to head over to my place for a Pink Thing party!

I even selected a beverage to go along with the Pink Thing.

Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale FTW!

Luckily I remembered to prepare my Pink Thing the night before, because it really thickened up and took on a nice pink hue just in time for the party. When I pulled it out of the fridge, and popped off the lid, we all just sort of stood around it in a circle and stared for a moment. No one said a word.

Until one brave friend broke the silence.

"It's really... Um... Glossy."

Then I served it up. As you can see, I was really excited.

My husband and his friend gobbled up the Lion's Share of the Pink Thing. They really, really liked it. Of course, they had just done a Jager Bomb - so maybe that could've had something to do with it?

I should note that the Pink Thing came from the London Newcomer's Cookbook, 1983. Of course, I totally Weight Watchered it up by using all low-fat ingredients. I also left out the chopped pecans, because - frankly I forgot. 

So let us review. In summary: Jager Bombs, Bacon Beer, and Pink Thing.

Did we enjoy our evening? What do you think?


Brian Francis said...

Mimi, the next time you have a Pink Thing party, I'll be on my caker jet (it looks like a hot dog) faster than you can say "Pinky Tuscadero."
Thanks for being such a good sport.

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

So fun!!!! Can I come to your next gathering Mimi!? Oh wait, we don't even live in the same country. OK...I'll attend vicariously thought your blog. Thanks for letting us in on the fun. All the best. R

Lynn Thompson said...

I read that recipe and thought, hmm..very, very sweet and yummy! Send me one like that next time you do your virtual party!!

Alynn said...

Looks like too much fun!!

Nik said...
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Nik said...
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Anna said...

Mimi, your blog is hilarious!! Also, I have to admit that I make this recipe every couple of years and my husband and I like it. We just call it Fluffy Fruit Salad. I leave out the pecans and add 6 cans of fruit plus fresh grapes, so it's maybe kinda sorta slightly more respectable? Who are we kidding, no it isn't! Let me assure you though that I do eat healthy most of the time and the fruit salad I make more often consists of a great big bowl of fresh fruit with a tiny bit of "dressing" made from 2 tablespoons brown sugar, 1/4 C pineapple juice, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. And 99% of the time we just eat our fruit without anything added to it :)