Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Party's Over

I have had such a lovely time at the Retro Mimi Potluck Party. But now, as I look around, I can see that maybe the party has lasted a bit too long. There are jell-o remnants everywhere, and my guests look angry.

You can only serve up so many Retro WW dishes before people start to rise up against you in protest.

So that's it, I guess.

In my opinion - this potluck was a HUGE success. I would like to thank the FABULOUS guests who took the time to prepare and bring a legendary Retro Weight Watchers dish. In case you missed anything here's a rundown:

Carl  and Surprise Chowder
Brian (Caker Cooking)  and  Cocktails

Go check out all these awesome people and their fantastic posts. Seriously. They deserve a medal for bravery.

As for me, I have some cleaning up to do. Sigh. Thank you all for coming to my party. I must admit, I'm a little emotional and sad to see it end. At times like this - I often burst into song. Instead, I will let Ms.Shirley Bassey express my musical melancholy, and I will bid you a fond farewell.

Until next time, darlings...


oh_mg said...

Thank YOU for hosting! It was a lot of fun reading everyone's experiences!

phairhead said...

Shirley Bassey is the tits! :D