Friday, September 21, 2012

We'll Be Right Back

I'll be away from Blogland, Facebook, and the Twitterverse for a few days to take a much needed vacation.

But don't worry. When I return - you guys are in store for some good times.

October will bring many new adventures for The Retro WW Experiment. Including a Beet Mold, a "Pink Thing" and a Sauerkraut Cookie. Just to name a few.

But for now I am headed to the beach, my friends! My pink caftan is neatly packed in my beach bag and my petal swim cap is ready to go. You gotta cover up those bleach blonde tresses - am I right, ladies? I really can't wait to enjoy some legal beverages by the pool, and work on my tan.

In the meantime - please watch this message from our "sponsor". Guess who?


Pothys said...

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Anna said...

I like the guy scarfing down the corn on the cob in the Weight Watchers ad!