Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Weirdness

This week, I revisited a creepy little chapter in the 1972 Revised WW Program Cookbook called "Unusual Fruit Salads".

If you've been a long-time follower of the Retro WW Experiment, you will probably recall the last time we entered this shameful chapter. It didn't turn out very well. There was lettuce. And cocktail sauce. And a banana. Glurp.

This time around, I concocted a different "Unusual Fruit Salad". I combined a teaspoon of gelatin and a 1/4 cup of bouillon - then added a diced apple. And a chopped dill pickle. Then I poured it all into a coffee mug, and chilled until set.

Hold up.

Did she say a dill pickle? And an apple? In a chicken bouillon jello mold? Yep. You betcha.

This salad has no name. It makes only one serving. It packs a hardcore pickle/chicken/apple flavor punch. And it looks kinda like a freaky little alien from the planet Jell-o. It also scared the bejesus out of my poor cat.

Can we be serious for a minute?

I am begging you. Please don't make this. Ever.

Now go hug your loved ones and be thankful you will never have to eat this.


Μάρσι said...

Maybe this recipe needs a non sweet apple Mimi. By the way, the creator of this recipe, maybe was very hungry. I never cook any recipe for this Nidetch's cookbook. I prefer to taste recipes from Quick Success cookbooks. They are very delicious!

Hermione said...

Girl, sometimes you gotta just say no! That's like molded barf on a plate.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I laughed until I cried. THANKS for the belly laugh.