Monday, June 25, 2012

Feeling Pot-Lucky?

A few weeks ago - I put out a call to all of my Retro WW buddies, and invited them to a very special virtual potluck party. As the RSVP's started coming in, I assigned each of my party guests a dazzling dietetic dish extraordinaire. Recipes started flying out of my inbox - surprising soups, colorful salads, "legal" beverages, delightful desserts, and of course mouth-watering main dishes!  

Oh the joy of virtual retro party planning!

 As the guest posts begin to arrive, and the party kicks into full swing - I have decided to consult my number one resource for all of the most important things in life: Better Homes and Gardens!

My 1969 BHG Guide to Entertaining has everything I need for planning the perfect party and being the best hostess I can be. After all, according to BHG, the emphasis on hostessing is an "important part of the American scene."

This book has everything!

There are colorful and festive decorations!

No one likes an over-achiever. Take it down a notch, darling.

As well as table settings to add atmosphere and theme!

I love her outfit. And hairdo.

And who can forget the Party Games!

I have no idea what these people are doing.

There are even tips for how to delicately remove a crease from your table linens or how to delicately remove an annoying guest who stays too long. Here's a hint for that dilemma: BHG says to start clearing the ashtrays and tell the lingerer that your husband has to get up very early for work. While this technique often works, you as the hostess must stay until the bitter end, even though your husband can be excused.

Hey. It ain't easy being a hostess.

I am really looking forward to my potluck party! I hope you are too! Soon you'll be seeing the daring and delicious guest posts as they arrive. Oh - and if you tweet, please follow along on Twitter using hashtag #RetroMimiPotluckParty. You won't wanna miss a minute of the fun!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to finish preparing my hostess duties. There are candles to be lit, spoons to be polished and macrame vests to be adorned. And those ashtrays aren't going to put themselves on the tables!

See you at the PARTY!


Margo Porras said...

Dude, I am SO stealing that "folding ladder buffet" idea! Genius.

oh! Sherrie said...

I am getting my floral moo-moo ready....

Lynn Thompson said...

Looking for the appropriate dish for my special assignment!

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

So excited to be part of the potluck. Have a great Friday Mimi.