Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Get Your Freak On

I admit, most of the time when I come across a recipe, I make it simply for the shock value. I usually choose recipes for this blog because of their gag factor. There, I said it. I find it oddly thrilling to gross people out.

But once in a great while, there is that rare occasion when I find a Retro WW recipe that I make because it actually sounds good.

I know. Freaky.

I have been wanting to make these Green Bean Patties from my 1978 Hot Stuff Recipe Pamphlet for some time. Why? Because they have all of the qualities of my perfect recipe: fast, cheap and easy. Plus they sounded delish.

If you want to make them for yourself, here is the recipe:

1 cup French Style Green Beans, drained and chopped
1 slice toast, crumbed
1 medium egg, well beaten
salt & pepper to taste
Dehydrated onion flakes, to taste
1 slice cheese

Combine beans, egg and toast. Add salt, pepper and onion flakes to taste. Shape into patties. Place in non-stick skillet and cover. Heat until brown on one side. Cut cheese into pieces the size of patty. Remover cover from pan and turn the patties and place cheese on top of each. Re-cover and heat until cheese melts. Makes one serving for the mid-day meal.

These freaky little green things were straight up delicious, and I am not even kidding. What's more freaky? I ate them for breakfast. Yeah. With a cottage cheese chaser. I am crazy like that.

So - I can't help but wonder, what's the craziest "diet dish" you have ever concocted (Past or Present) that actually turned out surprisingly tasty? Can you top my freaky green pancakes? Hit me up in the comments section or post it on my Facebook wall so we can really get the conversation going.

Come on get freaky!


Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

The bean dish may not be pretty, but it does appeal. Have a great week, and congrats on your two year blogiversary.

Sparkina said...

Happy blogiversary and those green bean patties sound wicked tasty

Kathy said...

Do you happen to know the calories per serving????? They look yummo!