Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thanks, But No Thanks Thursday - Food with a Face!

This week's TBNT Thursday feature is a simple recipe. You take a 3 pound red snapper - clean it, butterfly it, season it, and bake it. It's been done a million times, right?

Then how come I can't get past this picture:

Baked Snapper with Vegetable Topping
Best of Weight Watchers Magazine, 1974

The expression on this poor creature's face seems to be saying, "Why have you decorated me with lemon peel flowers and stripes of pureed pimento/radish/watercress and then stuck a lemon peel in my eyeball?"

This recipe makes 4 servings. Who gets the head? Thanks, but No Thanks.


Leanne said...

Hell no I would NOT eat that. No way, that should have been on that crazy Fear Factor show, its up there with eating some of the stuff they did. TBNT Thursday was a success this week :-)

TJ said...

I think I'd run from the dinner table if that was being served. lol I hate fish- ewwww

steelerlovinulrichs said...

That is just plain wrong.

Jana said...

I like to think of the lemon-peel on the eye like cucumbers at the spa. It just got done with a massage and a fake-tanning session, and now it's just chillin'.