Monday, November 4, 2013

The Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong!

'Twas the night before Halloween. And I was kickin' it old school with half a chicken fryer, a bottle of Angostura bitters and some classic horror cinema.

Yes, friends. Thanks to my pal Jenny over at Silver Screen Suppers, my Halloween Eve was spent preparing for the Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong!

Did you know Vincent Price was a culinary master as well as a creepy movie star extraordinaire? Well, now you do! And I was invited to prepare a dish from the twisted mind of this charming superstar, and serve it up for my Halloween dinner. Then reveal it to the world, right here on my blog -- TODAY!

My assignment for this blogging/cooking challenge was pretty easy: Vincent Price's Chinese Chicken

The recipe comes from an advertisement Vincent did for Angostura Aromatic Bitters from 1971. And it sounded pretty good, actually.

It called for 6 chicken fryer halves, but I decided to go with just one. Because the thought of six raw chicken fryer halves made me almost throw up a little bit. Honestly - can you imagine? What the Hell was I supposed to do with that much chicken carcass?

One was bad enough...

*mimi shudders in horror*

I salted and garlic rubbed the poor little guy and then moved onto the marinade.

It was a tangy combo of tomato sauce, pineapple juice, grated onions, butter, and of course -- aromatic bitters. I boiled it and brushed it all over that creepy little chicken body. Then into the oven he went. For an hour.

FYI--This sauce was delish!

Vincent recommended I sip on a "New Fashioned" cocktail while I waited. And really. Who am I to argue with Vincent Price for Heaven's sake?

So the "New Fashioned" is a fancy drink containing a sugar cube, some club soda, whiskey, a twist of lemon, a cherry and of course -- aromatic bitters. On the rocks. Smooth.

As I sipped my cocktail and cued up my movie choice for the evening, I suddenly became very disappointed that I never sent away for the "FREE COOKBOOK" which is referenced in the advertisement. I certainly could have used those mysterious 82 recipes. That "Authentic Chutney" would have gone great with this. Dammit. I've never been good at planning ahead.

Anyway -- Here is my Chinese Chicken in full glory. I served it with some quinoa and broccoli on the side. I'm sure Mr. Price would have preferred a nice fried rice or something, but I just couldn't make that happen. Whatever. Take it or leave it.

I love how it looks all bloody and murderous

We actually really enjoyed the chicken. We sliced it up and watched The House on Haunted Hill. In the dark with candles lit. We even dressed up as our favorite characters. It was a whole big thing.

I was Annabelle. Of course.

Sometimes you just gotta pick a theme and go wild with it. Am I right?  HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN!

I have to warn you...this blogging challenge is really freaking huge! Seriously, this thing is WORLDWIDE, people! But if you have some time, take a tour through the internet of my blogger buddies who also celebrated their Halloween in Vincent Price Style, and lived to tell about it:

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Please go visit Silver Screen Suppers for a complete rundown of everyone who participated in this fun and freaky Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong. And a GREAT BIG SPOOKY shout-out to Jenny (the author of Silver Screen Suppers Blog) who organized the entire thing and welcomed us all into the Inscrutably Delicious world of Vincent Price Cooking!

Signing off with a .......Mwaaahhh Haaaaa Haaaaaaaa Haaaaaa (Vincent Price demonic laugh)


Zelda Manners said...

Looks like you had a great time! Well done on your dish.

Sally - My Custard Pie said...

I've never put Angostura bitters in food - one to try! Laughing evilly back at you :)

yinzerella said...

So the New Old Fashioned is exactly like the Old Old Fashioned.
That sauce looks eerily like one from the 1972 WW card set. You know which one I'm talking about.
Also, you forgot to add me to your list!!!

Mimi said...

Holy shit! How did I miss your link? Sorry. Fixing now. PS-I totally know what sauce you mean. I thought the same exact thing!

Crafty C said...

I'm gonna have to try this one really soon too! It sounds so good! Esp with the pineapple juice!

Lya de Putti said...

Ah Mimi you are FABULOUS! Loved your post and fact you went the whole hog and had the cocktail too. Naturally! I WANT A PLATE WITH A SPIDER'S WEB ON IT! Love your frock too, you always have such style. What a wonderful world it is in the blogosphere! Hope to see you again soon for another crazy challenge someone no doubt will spring on us... Jenny x

Susie said...

Love Love LOVEEEEEEEE! I want your glasses!

Hurray for Vincent Price COOKALONG

Lauren Hairston said...

I am always so bummed when I see a "send off for a free..." in an old magazine. If only I weren't 40 years too late!

The Chinese Chicken sounds really good, but I've always had good luck with Mr. Price's recipes!

veg-o-matic said...

Bloody, murderous chicken. Mmmmmmmmm.

Brian Francis said...

The ad says it's "inscrutably delicious." Mimi, I have no idea what that even means! Vincent sure had a way with words, didn't he? Nice job on the chicken.

Gustia said...

Thanks for your follow on Twitter! I followed your breadcrumbs and it led me to to your fantastic blog. I just LOVE it! I wish I'd known about you for the Vincent Price Blogging Challenge. This summer, I found a copy of the Vincent and Mary Price, "Come into the Kitchen Cookbook!" The Publisher's note on the dust jacket about Mr Price was interesting: "His hobby (which now amounts to a third career) is collecting interesting and unusual recipes from all over the world, gleaned from his extensive travels." Who knew? Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... here in the UK, Tomato sauce would refer to ketchup. Would this work or is there a specific product he's referring to? :D

Margaret Leona Garnto said...

Dear Retro Mimi; I enjoyed reading your blog about the Vincent Price Cookalog, and I remember all those magazine ads for Angostura Aromatic Bitters which featured Vincent Price and his favorite recipes with them back in 1971. The ads were featured in TV Guide magazine in '71 and '72, and I enjoyed reading the ads with the recipes in them. I knew he was a gourmet cook because I saw him in a cooking segment on The Tonight Show guest-hosted by McLean Stevenson making crepes. I've also seen him in videos on YouTube cooking with Johnny Carson and Wolfgang Puck. Keep up the good work and thank you for your entertaining blog. Yours truly, Margaret Garnto