Monday, August 12, 2013

Bring It On

Well. It's Monday.

Are you ready?

The Original Weight Watchers Program had 12 "Rules". Count 'em.... TWELVE.

Starting today, we are gonna bust out the "Rules", one-by-one and in correct order; from start to finish until we get through them ALL.

I should warn you up front. Some Rules are easier than others. Some are just plain silly. And some are FREAKING RIDICULOUS. We will devote a week or two (or three) per each Rule, and I might even throw in a recipe or two.

I dare you to follow along. And please do share your thoughts in the comments section. I will share mine too. Don't be shy!

So here we go:

This Post will include the first TWO RULES!!!

RULE #1: Eat ONLY the foods listed in your Menu Plan, in the quantities specified 
and at the meals specified.

What does this mean? In short: DO NOT SCREW AROUND. Rule #1 Simply means... follow the freaking rules. And don't complain about it. Next?

RULE #2: EGGS - Limit them to 4-7 per week. 
They may be taken only at breakfast or luncheon, not at dinner.

So this week, we conquer Eggs. It's simple, really. Don't over-do it, and don't eat them at dinner. Got it? Good.

To begin my journey, I whipped up an egg recipe from the 1966 Weight Watchers Program Cookbook...

Speedy Summer Breakfast

2 Envelopes Sugar Substitute
1 Egg
1 Cup Buttermilk
1 Tablespoon lemn juice
1 small strip lemon peel

Put everything in blender and run for about half a minute. Serve cold.


Yea, I just drank a raw egg and some buttermilk. And didn't throw up. So I am pretty much ready to take on the world! Cheers!


Carl Pursh said...

HI Mimi, It is sort of like egg nog with no booze. I tried it not to bad. Can't wait till the next one. Chukster

Theresa said...

Am I showing my age by not knowing that "lunch" is actually short for luncheon??!

Mimi said...

Oh Carl. You ARE a brave man! I agree it didn't taste too bad. But the thought of drinking that raw egg was making me gag!

Theresa--there is no mention of age here. We are all forever ageless at the Retro WW Experiment. Like Gidget. (please tell me you know who that is) LOL!

Jeannie said...

Oh gosh. Lost me already :) I love me some eggs. buttermilk, not so much.

What about egg whites? Did we eat egg whites separately back then? I think not....

I do remember making leaden French toast with my one egg (and a little milk) to one slice of crappy white bread, with Sweet-n-Low sprinkled on top. The eggy-milk mixture kinda pooled around the bread in the pan. My roommate told me it looked disgusting and wasnt "real" French toast. I didn't care; it was legal, baby, and I was HUNGRY.

E. Jane said...

I have been there and done that, except never ate raw eggs. I have the old cookbooks with the plan. It was a good plan, and people really lost weight on it. WW has messed around with their plan way too much. This last change has not been a good one for them financially.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys - Weight Watchers' absolute best plan ever! Lost 120 pounds! I think WW has now gone south sometimes - trying to please too many people - completely left off anything about the glycemic index and if you follow the oldie, then it's the best! Give it a try! It works!

Shoes15 said...

I just saw this today, so I am a bit late to the party. I just happen to have eggs and buttermilk in my fridge, so I guess I know what I am having tomorrow for breakfast.

Shoes15 said...

So I had my Speedy Summer Breakfast. Not too bad, oddly enough. Although I think I will be hungry in an hour...

Mimi said...

I promise next weeks challenge and recipe will be better! I am actually looking forward to this one....