Saturday, February 2, 2013

Go Big or Go Home

OK. I am just gonna put this out there...

This month, I will celebrate 3 years of Retro Weight Watchers Blogging.

Three years of hideous gelatin molds, cottage cheese concoctions, and nauseating tuna dishes. Three years filled with celery and bean sprouts in place of pasta. Three years of "desserts" made from bread crumbs and food coloring. Three years of chicken broth "martinis" and malted milk "cocktails".

However. If you are a true, die-hard Retro Weight Watcher -- you may have noticed one critical item has been conspicuously absent from my menu of shame.

Can you guess what it is?

That's right. Go ahead. You can say it.


Liver was required once per week on the 1972 Weight Watchers plan. Required.

And I have never eaten it. Never.

So here's the deal: To commemorate my 3-year Retro WW Anniversary, I am going to freaking eat some disgusting liver. Ugh.

And you, dear loyal followers get to choose which Retro WW liver dish I will prepare and eat right here on the blog.

Your choices are:

Baked Livery-Milky Goodness!

My Food Processor Will Never Be the Same Again

Liver and Pineapple on a Stick!

So yeah. I am already a little sick to my stomach. God help me.

Now please go vote for the liver dish you want me to prepare & consume! You may cast your vote in the comments section or on the ballot at the top right corner of the blog. Voting closes on February 10th!!! Liver! Liver! LIVER!!!!!!


Margo Porras said...

Those options seriously killed my Vitatop craving in it's tracks. If it were me, I'd have to go with the pineapple. Cause at least you get *pineapple*.

Μάρσι said...

I choose Chicken Liver Bake. Believe me, chicken's liver is more delicious than veal.

Perdita said...

I would say the chopped liver as it's the most traditional and therefore least likely to be off-the-wall. I like liver - in France it is a delicacy and they know their food! Although why you HAVE to eat it once a week to lose weight is bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mimi, I would go with the chopped liver. If you want top quality livers you know who to go see you local WW Butrcher. Let me know I will even donate them to the cause. Good Luck Chukster

Lynn Thompson said...

I started reading your post and before you even mentioned it I knew where you were going. The one and only thought that ran thru my mind when you said, "Liver" was OH HELL NO!! I did WW in 1978 and liver was required. I lost lots of weight and I NEVER ate liver! I am going to leave the choice entirely up to you and say a prayer you can get thru the bite.

Shoes15 said...

Liver's not so bad - honest! I did the liver and apple salad for your guest blog a couple of years ago. If you're really opposed, I'd make the chopped liver pate. Spread it on some celery and you'll survive.

Eartha Kitsch said...

I am so completely fascinated by this challenge (is that the right word? Maybe "program" is better?) that you're partaking (three years!) that I can't stand it. I must go catch up! Good luck with the liver. That would end me.

The Student @ Food for Dissertating said...

The chopped liver will be easiest for you to eat. Trust me on this. It might not be as bad as you think.

As for why you have to eat it once a week, I have a theory: it's very rich in iron, and often when you're eating light, you tend toward anemia.

Or maybe it was just a thing.

Anonymous said...

Honey, liver is actually very good. I adore chicken livers. You're going to love these, I guarantee it. I have faith! If you want to fast forward to the present, Emeril has a recipe for Vermicelli with Spicy Chicken Liver and Tomato sauce that is out of this world.

Fifi Laru said...

I have had liver a few times in my life. All these folks saying how delightful it is are pranking you. It is hideous and horrible. Gross and disgusting. :P

Heidi said...

I actually li,ed liverwurst with mustard sandwiches when I was a kid. Not sure about now. Too scared to try it now. I wonder if that would count.