Monday, July 16, 2012

Main Dish #2 Has Arrived!

Ever come across someone in "Blogland" that you have never met in person, but you just know from their blog you would absolutely love them? My Homegirl, Emily (AKA Yinzerella) is one of those people. We have so much in common, it's creepy - we are both native Pittsburgh gals, we are both WW enthusiasts, and we both can whip up a mean gelatin mold like nobody's business. We like scary retro food, and we are proud of it. So it goes without saying that Emily simply had to come to my Retro WW Potluck Party, and she had to bring a main dish. Since Emily owns her own set of 1974 WW recipe cards - I let her choose her dish. My only rule was: it had to be MEATY.... 
Over at Dinner is Served 1972 I have challenged myself with a slew of retro dishes, but never one from the legendary 1970s Weight Watchers cards. These are mythic--Retro Mimi is the only gal I know of who is brave enough to take on these diet-friendly delights (demons). But I decided to step up to the plate, join her pot luck party, and make Meat Loaves with Horseradish.

This recipe was pretty standard--the ingredients one would expect in a meatloaf or meatball. And I followed the card's recipe to a T (well, I cut the amount of meat in half and upped the seasoning--I can't help it).

So what makes it worthy of inclusion in the card set? Ah, there it is! Non-fat dry milk!

This was my first foray into the wonders of non-fat dry milk and I will never understand its purpose or appeal. What makes it any different or better than plain ol' skim milk? I'm seriously asking. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

No matter how long or fast one whisks, dry milk is never going to thicken. Not without some corn starch or flour. But I wasn't going to do that. I had already finagled with the meat seasonings--I wasn't gonna mess with the sauce, lest Jean Nidetch smite me down with a Snack on a Stick.

So here it is, my baked meatloaves topped with horseradish sauce and pimentos.

Man, that is a sad looking, watery sauce. Nothing like the card's photo. And I can only imagine how huge these would be if I had used a full 2 pounds of ground beef. How is a 1/2 lb serving of beef a diet dish? Points Plus would completely disapprove.

Anyhoo, dare I say that these little meatloaves weren't bad? I ate one for dinner, paired with some Caesar Salad. And one for another dinner. And the two others I had for work lunches on a bun. I hate to waste food, which was the impetus of my lunches, but with some ketchup and fat-free Kraft cheese slices, these were close to downright tasty.

Although I'm still questioning that sauce. The best way to eat this dish was eyes-closed because the horseradish sauce looks a little phlegmy.


Lya de Putti said...

MMmmm - this looks good! Arrived here via Dinner is Served 1972 and love your blog! Please may I go on the invites list for your next pot luck party?

Jenny from Silver Screen Suppers -

Mimi said...

Hey Jenny! Welcome! I would love to have you at the next Potluck Party! Hope you like jello. xoxo