Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is It Chowder Yet? The Potluck Continues...

My Weight Watchers Meeting buddy, Carl has arrived and he brought us some soup. But, not just any soup. It is a "Surprise" Chowder. As in, "Surprise! This soup is full of random ingredients that have no business being mixed together!" I should mention that Carl is my go-to-guy for all foodie questions. Every Friday at our WW meeting, he gives me tips on roasting turkeys, grilling fish, and steaming artichokes. But can Carl cook up a Retro Weight Watchers dish that is Mimi-approved? It shouldn't surprise anyone that Carl could even turn this scary 1974 Weight Watchers recipe into a gourmet delight. Soup's on!  

Hi Mimi, Knock Knock, It's Carl and a Surprise Chowder at the door. Let me in - I need a beer to wash this chowder down...

As a longtime Weight Watcher (I go back as far as when the cards were given out at the meetings) I knew I had to be at the Potluck Party, and volunteered right away. Back in the Retro WW days, I was the only young guy at the meetings. Now I am one of a few older guys at the meetings.

Since Mimi knows I am a local fish monger, she gave me something right up my alley. My recipe is Surprise Chowder.  

The recipe was pretty easy although I did make it twice, because I changed one of the ingredients the second time. I thought it would turn out better. It was good both ways so my family got it twice for dinner. 

Guess which one is the "surprise" ingredient?

I used a nice thick cod filet for my fish and just chunked it up after baking it in the oven. I used lagostinos the first time but then I did use a larger shrimp the second time to give it better texture and it was much heartier. Mixing everything together was easy and it was a surprise on how good it tasted . This recipe would even stand up today. 

I would even think of giving it a try as a chowder special of the day at the local fish shop. Look for it, you might even like it!

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