Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Apologies to Barnes & Barnes

If you are a forty-something card-carrying member of the early-80's "I Want My MTV" generation, you are totally going to get this post. If not, I apologize in advance for the obscure reference. The answers to your questions can be found through a quick Google search, though. Enjoy.

Fish Balls, Fish Balls
Roly Poly Fish Balls
Fish Balls Fish Balls
Eat Them Up. Yum.

In the Morning
Laughing Happy Fish Balls
In the Evening
Floating in the Soup.

Ask a Fish Ball
Anything You Want To
They Won't Answer
They Can't Talk.

I took a Fish Ball,
Out to See a Movie,
Didn't Have to Pay
To Get It In.

Fish Balls Fish Balls
Roly Poly Fish balls
Fish Balls Fish Balls
Eat Them Up. Yum.

Eat them up. Yum!


Sara said...

how are they so white and slimy looking even after they have been in the oven? horrific - I am not sure I'm gonna make it through Fish Month :P

Mimi said...

That "glisten" you are seeing is from the entire packet of Knox Gelatin that is mixed in with the fish. They are gelatinous!

yinzerella said...

But how did they taste?!?!
Also, I remember them playing "Fish Heads" on B-94.

ah, good times.

Sparkina said...

This is just gefilte fish, a traditional Jewish dish