Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gone Fishing

Ever since my mom picked up a set of super-cute mini fish molds for me at a local flea-tique, I have been waiting for an excuse to put them to use. This is why I have decided to kick off Fish Month with a super awesome Shrimp & Salmon Mold courtesy of the 1974 Weight Watchers Recipe Cards - #18 Fish Spectaculars Category.

Alas, my little copper fishy friends -- your day has finally come.

As luck would have it, there was one envelope of Knox Unflavored Gelatine in the pantry today. So I dissolved it in some water and stuck it in the blender with a cup of buttermilk, some lemon juice, vanilla extract, butter flavoring, and crushed ice. Oh--and a couple drops of yellow food coloring for good measure.

OK-Let's just pause for a second. As with any other Retro WW recipe that starts with combining ingredients in a blender with Knox Gelatine, there are two things you need to know:
  1. The smell is AWFUL. And I don't mean like, "Ew that's kinda smelly." I mean it's like, "Did someone just open the gates of Hell and conjure up an evil, rotting carcass?" Like that.
  2. It looks like something frothy that a sick animal would leave on the carpet, but you're not really sure which end it came out of.
Got it? OK. Now we can continue.

As instructed, I poured the mixture into a large bowl and combined it with 6 ounces of cooked shrimp and 6 ounces of cooked salmon.

You can now serve the dish as is. (Really?) Or it can be allowed to chill in individual molds until firmly set, and unmolded onto a bed of greens. I chose the latter option, because the former resembled a bowl of chunky bile.

Plus, I really wanted to use my adorable new mini molds!

Here they are all lined up & getting "gelly" in the fridge:

And here's the final product:

I have to admit, I was pretty creeped out by these little fishies. Maybe it was the beady little eyeballs I fashioned out of pimentos. Maybe it was the Frank's Red Hot I poured on top, making the whole thing look like a mini-fishy massacre. I really don't know.

They didn't taste bad. But I think I'll be having nightmares about these slimy little guys for quite awhile.


Jana said...

They look like one of those fish from the bottom of the sea. You know, the kind with the huge staring eyes and the scary teeth.

Caker Cooking said...

When I was a kid, I poured rubbing alcohol into my sister's aquarium. The fish pretty much looked like this before they went belly-up.

Anonymous said...

This brings back alot of memories. Thios was a staple during lent with my mother. I still don'e enjoy salmon to this day.

yinzerella said...

There is something oddly phallic about these.
Sorry. I had to go there.
I made seafood mousse this weekend. It was actually good. Lord knows how long it will take me to get that up on the blog...

Hermione said...

OMG!!! Those look like flacid penises with spotted dick disease!

Bring Pretty Back said...

I will be having nightmares myself! Gagging !
Have a pretty day!

llamalluv said...

Maybe it's just the color on my screen, but with the orange-ish pimento spots, they look a little like Koi. Diseased Koi.