Saturday, June 4, 2011

Something Spectacular

All true WW members have goals. Our goals motivate us. They keep us going. They inspire us.

As a Retro WW Blogger, I have a goal.

And it is spectacular.

My goal is to one day construct the ultimate Retro WW recipe. The one that I dream about every night. The one that graced the cover of Weight Watchers magazine in January 1970:

And also made another appearance in the 1974 WW Recipe Cards:

Yes, the Frankfurter Spectacular is a sight to behold. Allow me to explain. What you are looking at, my friends, is a full pound of weiners wrapped artfully around a pineapple core. It is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen -- While at the same time the most terrifying thing in the world.

One day I will summon up the nerve to create my own Frankfurter Spectacular. And it will blow you all away. It will bring us all to tears. In a word, it will be: SPECTACULAR. Just you wait and see.

Until then, I guess the flying hot dogs and dancing pineapples will continue to haunt my dreams every night.

How about you? What's your goal?

Speaking of spectacular...have you had a chance to check out my recent interview over at the spectacular Inherited Values blog? If you want to learn more about my crazy Retro WW Collection go check it out!


Bonnie said...

That picture has left me speechless. There are no words to describe that towering monstrosity of meat....please don't wait to long to re-created as it will be haunting my dreams now as well.

My goal now is to forget what my eyes have seen just now....hahahaha

Hermione said...

I think I'll run and hide from Dr. Frankenfurter and fondle my ever-growing collection of nail polishes...eep!

BTW, pix or it didn't happen. This needs to be realised in macro-pixel glory!

De tout, de rien said...

Bonnie, this can never be unseen, lol!

What a spectacular, humm, thingie. No words to describe it. I would love to recreate it too and have it sit as the centerpiece at a retro buffet. It would be quite the conversation piece. Quite.

Di said...

As one who actually did the program back in 1970, I can state with horror that not only do I remember that particular issue, but I remember my mother , who did the program with me , making this. I must say it was a welcome change from the requisite 3 meals of fish and liver once a week rules. Hot dogs for one of your two beef options...that's good eatin !!!

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

I can't wait for you to make it Mimi!!!!!! :) It will be a true sight to behold! Have a great day.