Sunday, June 19, 2011

Morning Sickness

On those busy mornings when you just don't have time to prepare, chew and swallow your toast, egg, and fruit -- here's a Retro WW solution that whips up in a jiffy and goes down fast & easy.

The trick is keeping it down.

The Blender Breakfast from the March 1970 issue of Weight Watchers Magazine is the perfect breakfast for my busy Sunday. Since we are heading out the door early for lots of Father's Day festivities, I need something I can grab and go. I just don't have time to mess around with all that toasting, and scrambling, and CHEWING today.

So instead of pulling out the toaster and the frying pan -- I just popped the following ingredients into my trusty blender:

1/2 Cup Orange Juice
1/2 Cup non-fat Milk

1 Slice Bread

1 Egg

1 Tsp Vanilla

First, let me say: I ran out of Orange Juice and had to use Cranberry. Very bad idea. I do NOT recommend this.

Second let me say: I do NOT recommend this at all. Ever. For the love of God, please don't ever, ever do this.

On one hand--There is the very cool side effect of feeling a little like Rocky Balboa guzzling down raw eggs. But on the other hand, the chunkiness of the bread crumbs and the creepy smell of the thing is enough to make anyone a little nauseous. I took one sip and threw it down the disposal.

I hope you all enjoy your Father's Day. I'll be heading out soon to celebrate with my terrific dad. But first, I think I need to Google the symptoms for Salmonella...


Hermione said...

It sounds like it's trying to be an Orange Julius (OMG YUM!). I believe the original OJ's had egg in them. Off to Wiki to find out. Tally-ho!

The bread is gross though...

Tracy said...

Mimi, how DO you do it? You are a brave woman! I remember way back when making a similar version to this and calling it Orange Julius. I may try it again - but without the egg and bread.

MyzzLyzz said...

it doesnt sound too bad...until you add the bread. ick!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Honestly... Do you thinl orange juice would have made it better?! hahahaahaahaahahaahah! UGH!
Have a PRETTY day!

Debra said...

Just found your blog & I'm loving it! My mother & I followed the 1972 program & I actually achieved "lifetime" on it! Been reading posts from the beginning of your blog & laughing with tears streaming down my face. I was in my early 20's and still living with my parents at the time. My Mom & I enjoyed encouraging each other (following all of the "rules") and went to weekly meetings together. We cooked some of these wacky recipes - some good & some not so good as you know! She HATED liver, but I liked it, So every week I prepared the liver meal and she would hold her breath while she tried to eat it. We always had a big laugh about it.
My Mom passed away several years ago and I still miss her terribly. So thank you for bringing back these fond memories.


B said...

Oh dear lord, I thought I was brave for trying a spinach smoothie. I see I have not yet begun to learn to fear the things people do in the name of "healthy eating".