Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

It's only a few days until the official start of Spring, and the temps are in the 70's here in Pittsburgh. So I cut outta work a little early on this sunny Friday, grabbed myself a tall iced tea and decided to sit on my patio with my favorite magazine!

Weight Watchers Magazine, June 1976

On the surface, Weight Watchers magazine in the 1970's wasn't much different than it is today. It's chock full of figure-friendly recipes, inspiring success stories, and interesting articles. But when you really pay close attention--you will notice some very interesting tidbits that make the Retro WW version of the magazine so much more fun.

Take, for example, the tagline of this June 1976 issue: Weight Watchers. The Magazine for Attractive People. Right off the bat, this makes me feel optimistic. I must be an attractive person since I am reading this magazine. Wow! What an affirmation! And, it's only 75 cents!

Then--I look inside, and I am just overwhelmed by the wealth of valuable information at my fingertips. How to decorate your Lazy Susan with colorful tape; How to tie a fashionable head scarf; How to stay slim on a bountiful cruise; and How to start a vegetable garden. Good stuff! There is also a fantastic article with weight loss tips from the rich & famous! Did you ever wonder how Leslie Uggams, Brenda Vaccaro, Sandy Duncan and Angie Dickonson stay so slim? Well thanks to my 1976 WW magazine--I now know the answer!

Quick & Colorful Tape!

This magazine has everything!

Now come the recipes! My mouth is watering over the vast array of grilled meats in the "Cooking in the Great Outdoors" recipe spread. Pork, steak, veal, and fish are our choices, and they all get washed down with the shockingly pink "Buttermilk Pick Me Up" on page 23.

Fire Up the Grill!

Buttermilk and OJ - Hits the Spot!

And just when you thought your WW magazine had covered it all, you'll be inspired by countless success stories and a special section called "Ask Jean Nidetch". And as you would imagine--Jean doesn't pull any punches.

This magazine is the complete package. It inspires me, it educates me, and it makes me think. It even tries to make me laugh with a comic strip about a sweet & struggling overeater wearing a housecoat and curlers -- named Girtha. Yes, Girtha.

Everybody Loves Girtha

So, I'm guessing they weren't down with the whole political correctness thing back then? Seriously??

I cherish my vintage issues of Weight Watchers magazine. They are torn and tattered and musty, but they are part of an amazing history that still continues today. However... if I need some true inspiration or a really great recipe--I think I'll consult my current issue!


Sheri - The Motivational Girl said...

That is neat! How are the magazines today?

Anonymous said...

How fun!!!! WHERE did you get these amazing treasures?? Have a great weekend Mimi. (now I'm off to tape my Lazy Susan :) )