Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thanks, But No Thanks Thursday - Save the Liver!

According to the 1972 WW Program, liver must be eaten once per week - and only once per week - either for lunch or dinner. Don't even try to mess with this rule. Seriously. You break-a this rule, I break-a you face. Go ahead. Try me.

Actually--I'm joking. Most of the Retro WWer's I know will tell you that they skipped the liver. I, myself, have never touched the stuff.

So...In honor of the rule everyone loves to break, this week's TBNT Thursday feature is a double-dose! Two for the price of one! Chicken Liver times two!

According to Jean Nidetch, founder of Weight Watchers, there are many "versatile flavors and cooking styles" for liver--so you should never have to get bored with it. You can panbroil it, bake it, marinate it, cook it Portugese style in a skillet, whip it into a pate, fondue it, or run a skewer through it and throw it on the grill. The possibilities are endless when you also consider that you have so many types of liver to choose from: Chicken, Calf, Lamb, Steer, Rabbit, Venison and Turkey. Try them all!

Oh the things you can do with a plate of steaming, hot livers!

Back in the 1970's, many a WW-friendly household selected one lucky night every week to be "liver night". So how about you? When's your "liver night" gonna be?

That's what I thought. Thanks, but No Thanks!


Helen said...

Gah! One of the very few foods on my "I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT EAT THAT" list.

Linda said...


The list of ways to prepare liver reminded me of the part in Forrest Gump where Bubba is describing all the ways to prepare shrimp!

I'll take some shrimp, please!

Kyra said...

I must admit, sometimes I like pate. A steaming plate of hot liver though? I'll pass!

Weighting Around said...

Back in my meat eating days, I enjoyed liver, cooked with onions and bacon and served with mashed potatoes. Even if I were to eat meat, this meal would do me no good - except for a nice dose of iron.