Friday, February 26, 2010

The Blog Previously Known As...

What has changed: The Jean Nidetch/Skinny Jeans Project has been re-named. It will henceforth be called The Retro WW Experiment. Easy Peasy.

Now I will no longer have to answer the question, "Jean who?". Ugh.

What hasn't changed: This blog is still dedicated to Jean, my mom, and every woman who has ever: made her own catsup, discovered 50 ways to prepare liver, choked down tuna fish by the caseload, guzzled gallons of water, journaled, tracked, cried in the car after a weigh-in, reached goal, gained it back, got back on track and has become stronger, happier and healthier through the WW program.


Now if you'll excuse me, it is Friday, and I am going out for a Jean Nidetch-approved Horse's Neck Highball --- That's Club Soda with Bitter's and a dash of Lemon Juice on the Rocks with a twist! Cheers!

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