Sunday, January 20, 2013


In true Retro Weight Watchers fashion, I was conspicuously absent from any and all WW fun during the holiday season. There has been nary a celery stick, a carton of cottage cheese or a box of Knox to be found in my house since October. But now that January and the New Year is in full swing - Guess what???

I'M BACK!!!!!

I know. Soooo predictable, right?

Whatever. Getting back in the saddle was rough, but here we are. And strap yourselves in folks, because it is a new year, and Weight Watchers is celebrating a MAJOR milestone in 2013.

WE'RE 50!!!!!

That's right. Fifty years ago, Jean Nidetch made it official and turned her little idea into a full-fledged corporation.

Did you know:
  • Weight Watcher's first "official" headquarters was located in a second floor loft above a movie house in Little Neck, NY.
  • The rent was $75 per month.
  • They opened their doors on May 15th, 1963 and over 200 people attended the first meeting.
  • The meeting fee was $2.
Stay tuned for more fun facts, Retro WW recipes, and lots more as we enter the GOLDEN year of Weight Watchers.

The party is just getting started!


Tracie MiddleClassModern said...

Wow, $2 was a LOT back in 1962!

Margo Porras said...

First of all, I almost choke-laughed my coffee when I saw that photo! "Weight Watchers...we love to kick...and streeeetch...and KICK!! We're FIFTEH!!"

Secondly-I'm over here all like, "Yes. Yes. Yes. Um, YES."

Some might call it nerdy to know all that stuff, but we know it's cool. :)

Alynn Kramer said...

Fun facts!! I am glad to see you back. I am hoping to see you soon.

Shoes15 said...

Did you see SNL last Saturday, an actress impersonating Jodie Foster did a riff on the "Im 50!" thing with her Academy Awards speech. So hilarious.