Monday, January 16, 2012

Party On!

This is a direct passage from the 1966 Weight Watchers Cookbook by Jean Nidetch:
The Cocktail Hour: No, we do not permit alcoholic beverages in the WW Program, but you can enjoy an hour or two of relaxation with company, serving glasses of tomato juice, non-caloric carbonated drinks of your own choice, "Roast Peanuts" and the "Popcorn Bowl". Your daily fruit or Malted Milk can also be taken at this time.
Reading the above passage, I realized that I have done the tomato juice thing and the diet soda thing to get through many a special occasion. But what of this Malted Milk? I needed to know more...

The "Basic Malted" consists of:
  • 1 glass skim milk
  • Sugar Substitute to taste
  • 3 ice cubes
Process in blender for 30 seconds and enjoy. If you are in a pinch, and a blender is not handy -- simply shake up your Malted Milk in a jar and serve it straight up or on the rocks! What could be easier?

But wait! There are also many variations on the theme...

A Milk and Diet Pepsi Cocktail is always fancy, yo!

For example--one could add diet soda, coffee, or various flavoring extracts. I imagine one could also add bean sprouts or boiled celery since these are also permitted in unlimited quantities. But that would be a bit of a turn-off at a cocktail party, I suppose.

But take it from me - there is NOTHING classier than a milk mustache!


Anonymous said...

Sprouts he he. This sounds OK but essentally it is just a glass of milk so how could you go wrong.

Caker Cooking said...

Mimi, I'm sorry, but Jean is pulling the wool over your eyes. There's nothing "malted" about this. It's a friggin' glass of milk.

Darrin.. said...

I DIG that shaker! Is that vintage?