Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to Basics

I had an epiphany at my Weight Watchers meeting this week.

The topic was "Getting Re-Started", and how it helps to go back to the basic program fundamentals when you need to recharge your weight loss efforts. For the purposes of the 2011 Points Plus Program, the basic rules for re-booting are:
  • Stay on Target
  • Power Up
  • Treat Yourself
  • Get Moving
It all seems so simple. So basic. So intuitive.

It got me thinking about the "basics" of the original Weight Watchers program and what a royal pain in the patootie it is to get back on track after falling off the Retro WW wagon. Here's a quickie run-down of the 1972 WW Rules. Just in case you were wondering:
  1. Eat only the foods listed in your Menu Plan, in the quantities specified and only at the meals specified. Get ready...
  2. EGGS: Limit them to 4-7 per week. Only at breakfast or lunch. Easy enough.
  3. CHEESE: Only hard cheese, pot, or cottage. Only at breakfast or lunch. Only in quantities permitted per your menu plan. Hint: learn to love cottage cheese.
  4. FISH: You must eat a minimum of 5 fish meals per week at lunch or dinner. There is a lot more to this fish thing, but it gets really complicated, and I don't have the energy to explain it right now.
  5. MEAT AND POULTRY: No more than 3 meals per week for certain meats, such as beef, lamb or ham. Others can be used as desired in limited quantities. Aside from your basic chicken and turkey, get ready to start eating some crazy stuff here. Pigeon anyone?
  6. LIVER: Must be eaten once a week, either for lunch or dinner. Yeah, right.
  7. BREAD: 1 slice at breakfast and one slice at lunch. Must be eaten at mealtime only. Creativity is required here.
  8. FRUIT: Fruits are divided into 3 groups. Some are permitted daily. Some are permitted once per week. FYI- Apparently bananas are evil. 3 fruits per day are permitted for women.
  9. VEGETABLES: Some are limited and some are unlimited. Go easy on the parsnips -- Get crazy with the celery!
  10. MILK: Choose wisely. You get 16 oz skim or 12 oz buttermilk or 8 oz evaporated skim per day.
  11. FATS: I love this one. 1 tablespoon of fat per day. Must be spread with a spatula or knife -- never with a brush. Seriously.
  12. Do NOT eat or drink the following:
Cake, cookies, crackers, pies
Candy, chocolate
Catsup, chili sauce
Cream cheese
Fried foods
Dried fruit
Ice cream, ice milk, sherbet
Jam, jellies, preserves
Luncheon meats
Muffins, biscuits
Non-dairy creamer
Olive or olive oils
Pancakes, waffles
Peanut butter
Peanuts, other nuts
Popcorn, potato chips, pretzels
Pork products
Puddings, custards, flavored gelatin
Raw fish or meat
Specialty breads
Salad dressings
Smoked fish, smoked meats
Soda pop, punch

Honestly, I don't know how anyone survived this plan. They did it, though. I know this, because I have the certificate which proves that my own mother followed this plan, lost weight and lived to tell about it.

So now that Summer is un-officially coming to an end, are you reluctantly getting "back to basics" with your weight loss efforts? If so -- just remember. It could be worse. It could be 1972.


affectionforfitness said...

Hi Mimi! Well, I don't really understand how these women could go to the 70's church potlucks and not eat Jello. Jello was in virtually everything that tater tots were not in. I wonder what they brought to the potlucks too! :D

:-) Marion

Cyn said...

I just rejoined WW for the third time (a charm right?) and I just LOVE your blog.
My very first leader in 2008 was an *older* woman who lost 25lbs on the original plan in the early 70's and the stories she would tell us about what they had to eat and such -- I dunno how they did it?!?!
Makes ya glad to be a *modern girl* on such a GREAT plan!
Egads -- I cannot even fathom making your own catsup or drinking consumme'?

Caker Cooking said...

Shit. I just ate 8 eggs for dinner.

Georgina Kassavetes said...

Thank God I'm thirsty and not hungry!love your blog! greetings from Greece!

Lynn Thompson said...

Can I steal your post and repost on my blog giving you total credit? I want to through in my message from the group I led tonight.

Mimi said...

Sure Lynn. Just be sure to link back to my blog & give credit. I would be happy if you used it. Can't wait to read your words of inspiration!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Isn't it funny how after a while you have to do this kind of thing? It always seems to happen... I always end up having to reread everything and it's like, OH YEAH!


Bring Pretty Back said...

I love to spread my fates with a brush! hahahha!
Have a pretty day!

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Hi Mimi, we've certainly come a long way. LOVE your Mom's certificate, so fun. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.