Monday, August 15, 2011

Something New

I loved the 80's. The music! The fashion! The hair!

But do you wanna know what was totally awesome about the 80's? The crazy new free-stylin', free-wheelin' Weight Watchers food plan!

In tune with the awesome new 80's life-style, WW began to offer more freedom, flexibility and FUN! The introduction of the "Full Choice" Food Plan opened up a whole world of new possibilities to the Retro WW Gal, and she was loving every minute of it.

That's right! Check out the cover shot below from the 1981 Weight Watchers 365-Day Menu Cookbook. Do you see anything shocking in this photo?

You are not hallucinating. You really are seeing peanut butter, popcorn, nuts, olives, salad dressing, graham crackers, wine and BEER!

So--Apparently, in keeping with the needs of a changing society, WW finally started offering some more flexible options in 1981. They even inaugurated a vegetarian plan for those who chose a meatless lifestyle and "Personal Action Plan" to help manage behavior changes.

Such a smart company. So cutting edge. Always evolving with the changing needs of the consumer and following the latest nutritional science.

But wait....what's that on page 250? Something familiar...Oh no...Could it be???

It's good to see some things never change. A delicious Fish & Tomato Aspic and a Macaroni Cheese Mold always hits the spot no matter which decade you prefer. As Jean Nidetch says in her introductory note, "Isn't it delicious to know that with this book, the choice is yours?"

Me? I choose to stick with the simpler times of 1972. My next recipe? I haven't decided yet. But I can assure you it will be groovy, baby.


Jana said...

365 days of menus! I feel jealousy in my heart. I demand a full meal post!

carla said...

groovy baby? are you having Austin Powers to dinner?!
yes :)

Lynn Thompson said...

Oh My!! I own this cookbook!!

affectionforfitness said...

Hi Mimi! Well that fish and tomato aspic just gets me giggling.

But, what you say is true. I'm pretty sure that I don't have enough food rules for myself right now. More variety of food isn't always a good thing. Sometimes, it's best to stick with simple clear cut rules.

:-) Marion

Shoes15 said...

My mother had that cookbook, but I don't remember her cooking and eating anything from it!

Helen said...

As usual, you made me laugh out loud!

Caker Cooking said...

Do any of the recipes call for TAB?

Tracy said...

You make me laugh! I see I'm not the only one. . .

I'm pretty sure I own that book but it's in a box "in the garage." I may have to dig it up.

Anonymous said...

I still have macaroni loaf nightmares, so don't make the macaroni loaf. I repeat, do NOT make the macaroni loaf.