Friday, October 22, 2010

"Reducing" - The BH&G Way!

I'll admit it: I do whatever my Better Homes & Gardens magazine tells me to do.

That's why I was so thrilled to find out that BH&G has its own "Reducing Plan". Published in 1968, the BH&G Eat and Stay Slim system was based on food exchanges to make calorie counting simple and fun.

Here is the basic plan in a nutshell:

Hmmmm. Can it really be that easy???

And the meal plans don't look too bad either!

I suddenly wish I had the last 6 months of my life back!

OK--I will admit there are a few gag-inducing recipes like this one from the Salad and Vegetables chapter. It's an Iceberg Ring. With Tuna Salad in the middle. Look closely and you'll notice that the lettuce has been suspended in a gelatinized mold. Come on. That's just wrong.

How did I come across this fantastic diet plan, you ask? One of the sweetest ladies in all of blogland was nice enough to send it to me! Just imagine my delight when I went to the mailbox today and found a package from my dear friend from the North--- Miss Vonlipi!

Please be sure to check out Vonlipi's Favorites - it's one my favorite blogs and she's a gem! Her posts are sure to make you smile!

Thank you Vonlipi! You have just made my Retro Dieting World a little more interesting...


Helen said...

When 'I' did Weight Watchers (and was a leader for them) THEIR plan was based on exchanges. So there.

Pam@GoRetro said...

Oh, no! More JELLO (J-E-L-L-Hell to the NO!) Hope you have a great weekend, Mimi.

Khris said...

OMG that cracked me up....YUK big time...I just cannot even imagine trying to eat that...LMAO
Hugs Khris

heidi said...

omg, I still have a cookbook for her waiting on my counter to ship her way. I have this cook book, too and have oft gandered at the gelatinous iceberg mold. ewww.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Miss V is the best! I totally need to look at some jello recipes :) There are so many horrifying suspended awfuls you would enjoy!


~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I have this book! My parents followed it in the 70's... my sibs and I still wince at the corned beef slawiches! I do, however, make a modified version of the fish baked in wine with tomatoes and cheese! Good times.

Wanted: A Pea for My Pod said...

Someone seriously ate that? On purpose?? OMG...

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